Check out our new video on the Ontario payday loan landscape and our solution to regulate the industry.
Quickcheck Canada was referred to by the House on November 21st.
On October 17th Quickcheck Canada visited Queen's Park and hosted a special lunch in Ontario's historic main legislative building.
One of the most important aspects of a payday loan company is being able to collect money from borrowers. A smart lending company will want to do everything they can to avoid defaulted loans so they don’t go out of business. There are some things ...
​While there are challenges in managing any business, lending or money transfer companies have a very unique set of issues they must address.
Those who are in the payday loan business know just how important it is to collect repayment on loaned funds. Lenders who offer loans to individuals need to be sure they are only loaning money on a strict basis. There are some simple ways a lendin...

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